Tulita Elementary School

School Data

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At A Glance

About Tulita

When you visit Tulita Elementary you will see that the energy of the staff, students, and parents is contagious. The climate of the school is maintained daily through our joy in learning, caring for others, and respect for hard work. Tulita is the center of pride for approximately 520 students in transitional kindergarten through fifth grade, as well as for our staff, parents, and extended community members, many of whom attended the school themselves since its inception in 1955. 
Our school demographics reflect those of our surrounding community. Our student body is 65% White (not Hispanic), 16% Hispanic, 4% African American, 10% Asian, and 5% other nationalities. In addition to English, there are seven other languages spoken by Tulita students. We are located just blocks from the ocean, nestled in a mostly single family neighborhood. It is this distinctive combination of school community and rich history that makes Tulita a place for all of us to thrive.
One of eight elementary schools in Redondo Beach Unified, Tulita has a unity of vision to assure success for every student in all aspects of their lives. Through collaborative leadership our stakeholders carry out an action plan that actively engages all students in a high quality educational program that is aligned to state curriculum standards. To recognize the quality of Tulita’s educational and extracurricular programs in combination with an exceptional spirit of community, the school was selected as a California Distinguished School in 2000 and again in 2008. 
The strength of our educational program draws from all members of the school community who share in our vision. Parents lead several curriculum enrichment and academic support programs such as Hands on Art, LiveWell Nutrion & Gardening, and Science Week. Community members support and participate in our Tulita Fun Run, Kids Helping Kids, Western Night and our Holiday Boutique. Our teacher leadership team and School Site Council provide direction to the principal on the budget and other critical areas of our school operation. Students plan school events such as spirit assemblies, dances, and community service projects. Our campus is alive with over 400 PTA members and 160 parent volunteers working in our 22 classrooms. The Tulita Child Development Center offers before and after school child care as well as an accredited pre-school. Teachers offer after school academic support for individuals and small groups. After school fee-for-service classes include basketball, chess, drawing, musical keyboarding, sculpting, and karate. The city also sponsors a Parks and Recreation after school program on our site.

We encourage you to come visit and experience a day with the Tidal waves!

Mission Statement


Tulita Elementary School is a learning community of students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators designed by and for ALL of US.

Action + Learning + Leadership x Unity of vision = Success for all students


School Vision

At Tulita, we will:

  • Provide a secure environment that is physically, emotionally, and socially safe.
  • Sustain a school culture where all children are valued, thrive, and are given the opportunity to develop personal assets.
  • Challenge all learners as we strive for academic excellence.
  • Nurture the gifts and talents of all children.
  • Cultivate responsible citizenship through collaborative leadership.


Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


The Tulita Valet will offer an efficient, curbside drop-off and pick-up for our students. Please review the following procedures to make the process a breeze for you, the students, and our great volunteers:

  • Pull into the parking lot, stay to the right of the orange cones, using only the curbside (valet) red lane.
  • Pull forward as far as you can in the driveway as often as possible.
  • Left lane is not for drop off; use it to pull into a parking space or drive through to exit.
  • Do not drop off your child from the left lane. It is unsafe for children to cross in front of moving vehicles.
  • Practice patience.

AM Drop Off: Begins at 8:00am

  • Pull forward in the valet lane and allow your child to exit the vehicle onto the sidewalk. Do not get out of the car as this will slow down the entire process.

PM Pick Up: Students will be on the front lawn.

  • Remind your child to be on the lookout for your vehicle.
  • Pull forward as far as possible in the valet lane, give your child’s name to the valet; the valet will page your child and assist in loading.
  • No loitering in the valet lane. You will be asked to “drive around” if your child is not present.

Pick-up times:

Grades 1 and 2 – 2:25pm (1:20 pm on Wednesdays)

Grades 3 thru 5 – 2:35pm (1:30 pm on Wednesdays)

Arrival Procedures for ALL Tulita Families:

  • Use the Valet service OR
  • Park legally on or off campus or walk to school: Drop your child at his/her classroom between 8:00-8:15am.
  • If staying on campus past 8:15 please visit the office and sign in. 

TK & Kindergarten

  • TK & Kindergarten classes arrive and dismiss at classrooms or assigned gate. 
  • Do not park and leave car unattended along the red lane – especially between 7:55-8:15am and 2:20-2:50pm

Dismissal for Primary Grades 1st & 2nd

  • If you pick up on foot, please walk up to the grass areas near Kindergarten. At 2:25 on M, T, Th, F and 1:20 on Wednesdays, all 1st & 2nd grade students will be brought out of the blue gate. Parents can pick up their children from this area.

Dismissal for Upper Grades 3rd, 4th, & 5th

  • If you pick up on foot, please walk up to the grass areas near Kindergarten. At 2:35 on M, T, Th, F and 1:30 on Wednesdays, all 1st & 2nd grade students will be brought out of the blue gate. Parents can pick up their children from this area.

All 1st – 5th Grades

  • Staff ensures that no child leaves the areas without their parent or guardian.
  • Children attending CDC, Rec, or an after school class will head directly to their destination after school (they will not be brought out tp front of school).

2016-17 RBUSD Parent Volunteer Handbook

Please click here for our district's volunteer guidelines.

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Expectations for Success

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